Pretty Yellow Flowers
"Grandmom! Come, and lookie here!" called the happy little girl
Her eyes were brightly beaming, and her smile lit up the world.
"I picked a pretty flower, and it's just for you, from me!"
As she held up a yellow blossom for her Grandmom to see.

"I found it growing in the grass. I picked it just for you.
Can we put it in some water, to keep it fresh and new?"
Her Grandmom's heart was gladdened as she took the child's bouquet,
Remembering another time, another place, and day

When the little grandchild's Daddy, nearly thirty years ago
Brought her tiny yellow flowers, his dark eyes all aglow
From the smile of joy and pleasure he'd see on his Momma's face
And today, his little daughter had come to take his place.

Dim but not forgotten mem'ries once again were bright as day
And the pleasure of the moment took all her cares away.
They placed the flower in a vase, and to the child's surprise
She watched her grandmom blink away the tears from misty eyes.

I've heard folks cuss dandelions; fact is, I've done it some
Just goes to show how ignorant us grown-ups can become.
'Cause they ain't just a nuisance in your yard a-growin' wild;
They're pretty yellow flowers, when picked by a little child.

"Pretty Yellow Flowers" 1994 Ray Owens