Some Boots Are Made For Keepin'
We've got a little pair of boots we're keepin' just because
It seems to us the thing to do, and so far, there ain't no laws
Sayin' folks can't keep their mem'ries, and other things they treasure
For a lifetime if they want to, long as that's what gives 'em pleasure.

Now, those boots ain't just ordinary, not by a country mile
They're the best ones that I ever bought, tho' it's been quite a while
Since those little boots were purchased, back in nineteen sixty-five
But I expect we'll keep 'em 'round here as long as we're alive.

Our oldest son was barely two and those boots were way too big
To fit his little feet back then, but he didn't care a fig
Just stuffed some cotton in the toes and wore em' anyway
He wouldn't go without 'em, he wore 'em everyday.

The cotton in the toes caused 'em to turn up just a bit
But his feet kept right on growin', and then pretty soon they fit
Then he didn't walk so awkward; he looked just like a little man
When he announced, "I'll wear these boots forever, if I can!"

But, the day came when he outgrew 'em; could just no longer pull 'em on
'Cause his feet had graduated to another echelon
So we packed those little boots away until the day would come
That they would fit the feet belongin' to our second son.

Then we took 'em to a cobbler and had him replace the soles
'Cause the ones the boots had come with by now were mostly holes
He fixed the heels and shined 'em up 'til they looked almost new
And now those boots were proudly worn by our son number two.

He started out with cotton in the toes, just like son number one
But he kept 'em on from morn 'til night, same as his brother'd done
Those little boots made lots of tracks, and traveled many places
On the feet of our two boys as each one put 'em through their paces.

Then our second son outgrew 'em. Those boots just got too small
To be worn any longer; and yet, I can still recall
How neither son was really happy when he got a brand-new pair
Somehow they weren't quite the same as the first boots he got to wear.

"But there's still some wear left in these boots," was what I told my wife
So I cleaned 'em up and shined 'em, which sorta gave new life
To scuffed up toes and scarred up heels; then we packed those boots away
In case we might have a grandson who might need some boots some day.

Yeah, I know they're just a pair of boots, if that's all that you see
But they've got a deeper meanin', 'specially to my wife and me
Those boots were worn by two small boys who grew up to be good men
So we'll keep 'em in case maybe we can use 'em once again.

"Some Boots Are Made For Keepin'" 1994 Ray Owens